Do You Love Your Pets As Much As I Do Mine?


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There is not a day that goes by that I am not thank-full that I have the two little girls that are in my life. Riley and Sammy have been with me for several years and they mean so much to me.

If you feel this way too, then check out his information. This is just information from some nice folks that have put together a lot of cookbooks for your 4 legged friends.

This is a common question that dog owners ask each other. You probably have been asked and also asked this question before. And you’d hear a lot of different answers from brands of commercial pet food, to raw diet, and home cooked meals.

So let’s talk about home cooked meals for our furry friends. With all the commercial pet foods available to us, why are many people now choosing to cook for their dogs?

Unlike the food, we (humans) eat, there is very little government regulation when it comes to the quality of pet food. But what about the USDA, FDA, or AAFCO?

Surprisingly they do not control what pet food manufacturers put in their products. So dog owners like us would have to put our faith in the private pet food manufacturers – that they are telling us the truth and that whatever it is they have written on their labels are actually what they have put in their products. Although each state decides on pet food regulations and there are certain codes in existence for each state, these codes do not pertain to overall quality, absorbability, and digestibility of commercial pet foods.

For many dog owners, this loose regulation is concerning and for dog owners like me who have had bad experience with feeding commercial pet food to their beloved furry family member, this just won’t do.

The fact that some dog owners have reported that commercial pet food brands that have been recommended by their veterinarians have either not live up to their marketing claims or even more concerning, have caused health problems in pets, makes us doubtful of the quality of commercial pet foods.

I am not saying that all commercial pet food is bad. For sure there are still good quality ones out there, but a growing number of pet owners are not that trusting of the pet food industry anymore and have decided to start learning how to make their pet’s food at home.

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