Are you fascinated by old TV shows from 50's and 60's? In its infancy, TV was
a cross between music-hall entertainment and a picture version of radio. Lot's
of tv shows came and went – a few stuck around for quite some time.
These old tv shows are becoming modern day antiques. Let's not let them be
forgotten just yet, especially as older members of our community will still
remember them.
Shows like The $ 64,000 Question, Smilin 'Ed McConnell and his Buster Brown Gang
and Dennis the Menace are little gems thatave millions great pleasure
and should not be forgotten. They are our heritage. Westerns like Adventures of Kit Carson,
Nine Lives of Elfego Baca, The Lone Ranger. All these are based on
the real life activities in the wild west.
Take railroad westerns like The Iron Horse and Casey Jones. In
fact, take Casey Jones as an example. This tv show was based on a real life
railroad engineer who was actually called Casey Jones.
Quizzes, drama, variety – even more fanciful tv shows like The Man from
UNCLE – have their roots in the human existence.
There is an excellent forum at Why not get
involved. These antiques could have worth quite a lot in a few years!

Source by Vernon Stent

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