Top 5 Everybody Loves Raymond Episodes

Everybody Loves Raymond was arguably the most successful sitcom of its time during its run on ABC from 1996-2005. Based on the comedy of Ray Romano, the show centered on the everyday life of the extended family of New York sportswriter Ray Barone (Romano).

Ray and his wife Deborah (Patricia Heaton) raise their three kids together and live across the street from Ray's often intrusive and challenging parents, Frank (Peter Boyle) and Marie (Doris Roberts). Ray's brother Robert (Brad Garrett) also lives with his parents before getting married during the shows final seasons.

During its final season, the show had viewers go on its website to rank the Top Everybody Loves Raymond episodes, and these were aired in syndication. Among the best ones highlighted by fans were the "Bad Moon Rising", "The Can Opener", "The Canister", "Lucky Suit", "Baggage" and "Marie's Sculpture" episodes.

Here are 5 other great Everybody Loves Raymond episodes in no particular order:

1) "Debra Makes Something Good" (Season 4, Episode 18): This was a very entertaining episode in which Debra goes against the grain and discovers the ability to make a dish very well. The whole family, especially Marie, is thrown into a tizzy.

2) "Raybert" (Season 6, Episode 10): When Robert pretends to be Ray in order to seduce a beautiful woman, he and Ray decide that they make a great team (Roberts looks, Rays mystique). When the woman shows up at Ray's house, though, Debra is not amused.

3) "The Shower" (Season 7, Episode 21): Debra is frustrated with Marie's intrusiveness at Amy's wedding shower. After having a few too many drinks, Debra falls a sleep in her car with the keys in the ignition. A police officer stumbles upon her and takes her to jail. Things get interesting when the whole family goes along with Debra to plead her case.

4) "Liars" (Season 8, Episode 7): Ray's little white lie to Marie about why he missed their evening together spins out of control when Debra jumps into to help him keep it getting. Everyday, Ray and Debra begin to turn on each other when they start using their deceptiveness on each other.

5) "How They Met" (Season 3, Episode 26): A flashback episode, this is definitely one of the show's best episodes. Ray and Debra go back to their first encounter in Debra's apartment when Ray delivers a futon and stumbles into asking Debra on a date. What ensues is a series of mishaps and misadventures that sets the tone for their relationship together on the show.

Source by Neil Kokemuller